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Don't pay hourly fees for a tech guy to come in time, and time again. Do it once the right way, The Royal Way!

Home and Small Business Networking
Virus Updates and Installs
Check for and remove spy ware
Network Security
Crash Course in Computer Maintenance
Computer Repair and General Troubleshooting
Reinstallation of Windows, Data Back-up, Upgrades
Are you tired of getting the run around, and mumbo jumbo explanations about your computer? 90% of our customers have said after bringing in there computers to one of the big guy's, and after setting it back up in there home or business, nothing had changed or it was worse then before.

For the most part what I have seen over the last couple years are maintenance problems, people that are not keeping their computers up to date. Either there not downloading critical updates from the Microsoft Web Site or they don't run there virus and spy ware programs regularly, in some cases they have no security at all. Some customers have virus protection installed but it's outdated, and useless, running unnecessary processes for nothing, slowing down the computer.

What would happen if you never took your car in for maintenance, eventually it would not start or conk out as your driving. Well a computer is the same you must physically take time out of your schedule once a week to a couple times a month to do the check up yourself, the nice thing, it's so easy, and will require only about 1 hour of your time dedicated to your computer maintenance.

Royal WebNet Solutions will set it up with all the necessary protection and give you a flash course in keeping your computer(s) running smoothly for years to come. If you forget how to do something we can come over or you can call to get the answers at no charge anytime. Call us today and do it the right way, The Royal Way.

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